Global Warming – it effects all of us!

This may not be totally relevant to the topic of my blog, but I thought I post it anyhow. This weekend I watched this documentary by Al Gore for the second time. If you see only one movie this year, make it An Inconvenient Truth. The film clearly and effectively explains the cause and horrifying effects of global warming, and even takes time out to refute the right wing naysayers, challenging and debunking their best “arguments” against global warming. It may not be the year’s best movie, or its most entertaining, but it’s certainly the most terrifyingly crucial. According to this film, we have ten years in which to turn around the inevitable, and viewers moved to action can start by logging onto It also includes a blog that is very well done.

I thought to be topical, I would introduce a couple Eco Travel sites. Conscious consumers are about to start asking some awkward questions. I’m sure travel brands will be increasingly affected by consumers’ increasing awareness. Rocksupkemspopland . Humans won’t want to stop travelling unless they have to, but they will want to travel knowing they are making a light footprint on our fragile world. I applaud Jean-Claude Baumgarten and the World Travel and Tourism Council for taking the initiative in creating awareness with their Tourism for Tomorrow Award. My former employer Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, a 2006 winner of the WTTC Award, has always been proactiv when in 1990, under leadership of VP of Marketing Brian Richardson, Fairmont’s Canadian hotels pioneered The Fairmont Green Partnership, literally writing the book on sustainable best practices in the lodging industry, while developing a comprehensive commitment to minimizing their hotels’ impact on the planet. Also, have a look at the global benchmark and certification initiavite Green Globe. Below are some Eco Travel websites worth taking a look at. seo company reviews .


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2008-02-03 13:05:01

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