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The T-List stands for Travel-related blogs, and was created back in March 2007 by Matthieu at the Radar Blog.

Let’s build a community amongst Travel-related bloggers on Facebook! Join the T-List Community on Facebook.

The idea is now to take the T-List a step further, make it social, and build a community among Travel-related bloggers. Facebook is a great tool do so. Let’s connect amongst ourselves (I am already connected with a quite a few other T-List Bloggers, so let’s use this group as our platform. And why? Well, just because Facebook is quite amazing, and so travel-related bloggers can start

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sharing thoughts amongst each other…but other than that, for no particular reason.

Here is what you need to do if you are a Travel-related Blogger:

1. Go to Facebook, and sign-up or sign-in.
2. Search for “T-List Community” (note: if that fails, paste this URL in the browser address bar while signed in:
3. Join this Group (top right hand side)
3. If your blog is on the current T-List (please see below), or should be on the T-List, please enter your information on the Facebook WALL below.

You should add:
– Your name
– Your company
– Your location
– Your blog’s name
– Your blog’s URL
– Quick description of your blog
– Optional: What is your differentiator/what do you want to achieve with your blog

Here is the most current T-list of some worthy travel blog sites I was able to find:

General Travel Blogs

Travel Industry Blogs

Foreign Language Travel Blogs

French Travel Blogs

Italian Travel Blogs

Dutch Travel Blogs

German Travel Blogs

Spanish Travel Blogs


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