Some thoughts around Media Convergence…

I think we are really in an interesting
period where we need to realize that it is not about the Internet, but
about customer touchpoints. Convergence (
being one of the hot buzz words, it is about leveraging media in order
to break through the clutter. When I talk to people about the
convergence of online and offline media, many times I get a response:
“Oh, yeah, you are talking about integrated marketing!” Maybe yes,
maybe no…I just haven’t seen too many good integrated marketing
executions in the travel and hotel industry. I would say true media
convergence happens when you create a flow of content pieces by
leveraging different media channels – some people refer to it as
Tripleplay ( For
example – what about an ad or article in an inflight magazine that
encourages the interaction with the brand via mobile devices; the first
gadget that most people grab after landing is the mobile phone or
blackberry..and then from the mobile interaction an email is triggered
with a link to the website, and so on – you get the point.

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What I am
trying to say is, we as marketers have to learn how to leverage media
channels based on content consumption without duplication of
content. I see it almost like a story that sucks you in, resulting
(not ending) with a call to action. Once the experience is consumed
(i.e. hotel stay), the brand would encourage to further cultivate the
relationship by creating value – this could lead to data capture and
personalized messaging or social networking by sharing the experience
with other potential travelers. And then we have the entire phanomenom of
Virtual Worlds, such as Second Life…how are these channels playing
into the media mix, especially when it comes to marketing travel and
tourism experiences.

Anyhow…just a few of my thoughts I wanted to share. I believe

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we are entering a very exciting time
where leveraging the Internet

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will lead to valuable customer
relationships resulting in sales.


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