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Green IT – Is technology helping save energy or is the increased use of the internet and the associated server usage actually doing the exact opposite?
It is a valid question, but in my opinion, technology, especially the internet is an enabler to improve live in general. So I am not looking to debate if the Internet and technology are actually bad for the environment, but more

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to look at some interesting facts.

The entire energy consumption of the global IT infrastructure, estimated by Stanford University, was around 120 million megawatt hours, double than just 5 years ago, which is 2% of the entire CO2 emission world-wide. The biggest energy consumer is the gaming capital Las Vegas with 20 million Mega Watt hours. Google has been very concerned about the environment, not surprising with having to operate its many servers. Every search on blows an estimated 4 gram of CO2 into the environment – multiplied by a few hundred million searches per day.

Speaking of Google, an interesting idea indeed is, which is the Google search engine in black. The blogger Mark Ontkush calculated in 2007 that a black Google search

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engine would save 750 megwatt hours globally per year. It is not much, considering that this would equal the yearly consumption of around 100 Germans, however the savings could increase over time. Why? Well, because the savings can only be realized by flat screen monitors, and not traditional monitors – so when more and more people switch over to flat screen monitors, the savings would obviously increase.

I also thought it is interesting that if an avatar in Second Life was alive around the clock, the CO2 emission would be

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120 kilo, the energy consumption would be higher than that of an average resident in Brazil, or an

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American in three months.

I think it comes down to PC manufacturers and organizations such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, and others to work together to develop products that will compensate for the increased usage of the internet, especially in countries such as China and India, but also in less developed regions, such as Africa.


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