Canada launches new Visual Identity of Tourism Brand

This week, the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) launched the new visual identity, both offline and online at, of its new Brand, Canada-Keep Exploring. Canada has been globally leading the .travel initiative, which is strategically aligned with the new brand articulation. What has been a very exciting development over the past two years, will be a new way how this great destination will be communicated. Canada. Keep Exploring recognizes an undeniable truth about people: they are all explorers. The brand promotes and celbrates the explorer in each person.

According to the United Nations, Canada is the #2 place to live in the world, and three Canadian cities are on the top ten list, but

Canada as a travel destination ranked a disappointing 12th in the most recent report by the

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World Tourism Organization. It was apparent that

Canada, a great place to live, was not resonating with consumers as an exciting and compelling travel destination. Research has shown that while

Canada is viewed in very positive terms by the travelling public, it is not “top of mind” as a travel destination. In addition,

Canada continues to face increasingly competitive pressures in the tourism market, and is being far outspent by competing destinations.

Brand Canada is designed to bridge the gap between consumers’ historical perceptions of

Canada as simply a place of beautiful geography and our emerging international reputation as a progressive welcoming society.

Canada. Keep Exploring, provides a new frame of reference, to take everything that is good and true about

Canada and make it more relevant and personal.

The new brand reflects an inherent impulse to explore, and reflects

Canada as a place worth exploring. It reintroduces the excitement of discovery, and encourages the consumers to connect with that child-like wonder within all of us. >>>


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