Claude Benard

untitled-grayscale-10.jpgClaude is a seasoned Travel 2.0 power blogger hailing from Marseille, France.

Claude started his career in tourism as a technical sales manager for a tour operator in Marseilles and worked with the network of travel agency in the south of France.

In addition to his work, he completed training at the University in Business Administration Université de la Méditerranée (Aix-Marseille II) 1992 , maîtrise Administration et gestion d’entreprise.

He then spent 6 years as sales executive at the Envergure / Louvre Hotels group, especially for the brand 3 stars “Bleu Marine”, where he do a lot for this brand and learn a lot about hotel & travel industry. It is at this time he discovered the tremendous potential of the Internet for the marketing of hotels and tourism. He then became the sales and marketing manager for a regional booking engine for the Marseille Chamber of Commerce.

Claude has managed his blog Les Explorers for 2 1/2 years and will launch soon.